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you can say about what a reliable company geico is. gecko: right. uh, well maybe how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in america? nice tidbit there. boss: exactly. and i've been thinking, looking a bit more businesslike might help too. gecko: oh my. uhhh, no it's, what's, what's the word... vogeico. 15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance. can add up fast. so i'm packing my own lunch now-- for less than $3. thanks to walmart. just two times a week saves my family over $500 a year. save money. live better. walmart. >>> all right. listen to this story, because tomorrow a woman will be head to prison to be flogged six times. why? because she broke a muslim law, and that is drinking alcohol, beer specifically. it's a punishment that she now says is ready to accept. let's talk about this for a minute with cnn's anna coryn on the phone. she says she accepts this punishment. but does she feel like she's being made an example of. she can't be the first muslim caught drinking. >> reporter: no, she's certainly not. there have been plenty caught drinking and
geico is consistently rated excellent or better in terms of financial strength. gecko vo: second rule: "don't steal a coworker's egg salad, 'specially if it's marked "the gecko." come on people. the rest of the body is a no brainer. doesn't your whole body deserve excedrin strength relief? excedrin back & body. excedrin. what ache? >>> i'm going to keep you posted here on a developing story out in california today. we have at least four major fires that are burning in central and southern california. the biggest one we're keeping an eye on as what they're referring to as the station fire. that's in l.a. county, it has ballooned overnight from a 5,000-acre fire to a 20,000-acre fire. people are being told to evacuate. at least 10,000 homes being threatened, at least 9,000 we know of were evacuated yesterday, but more and more are being urged to get out of there. weather conditions not helping at all. firefighters were calling it the perfect storm of bad for the conditions to help this spread. >>> well, accusations of fraud could delay the official results from avenfghaafghan's national
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2